BOXx - Easy Property Management

BOXx- Easy Property Management

Catering to the ever-increasing duties and functions of the property owners; property management companies and property owners associations have recently taken the ground of personal and commercial properties.

Here’s introduced BOXx, a property management and OTRM software application that emphasizes on seamless invoice management, cost and time saving, showcasing operational efficiency and of course, on improving communication between the tenant and the owner through its varied advanced features like invoice management, tracking the transaction, bookkeeping and so many others.

The more people are getting into the progressive urban sophistication, the more society is evolving into a multi-cultural metro life with greater connectivity. And here lies the need for a modern and sophisticated property management system that provides information on demand that will knit communities closer.

BOXx is an OTRM application that helps the property managers to manage various commercial and residential properties. It caters to provide them with a scalable platform that eradicates all the inefficiencies of the unorganized and manual property management system.

This OTRM software helps streamline operations, cut down costs, decrease manual effort to almost null and increase the overall operational efficiency. At a time when property management is less about units and more about relationship management, here comes BOXx: a SaaS application based all-in-one cloud Invoice management system that perfectly gives visibility into projects for owners, streamlines communications, helping to organize events, collect invoice payments and will get the bulletin board to owners & tenants. BOXx is a next-generation property management solution.

With its fresh and refined approach, BOXx: the premium property management software has made it feasible for the property managers to simultaneously manage an unlimited number of commercial and residential properties of varied sizes at one place.
Hosted in the cloud, this SOA architecture SaaS application is ductile, secured and also ensures business & users’ data privacy. Developing the possibility of a seamless owner and tenant connectivity and a strong customer relationship management, it helps the property managers to regulate all the formalities and answerabilities for multiple properties simultaneously.

On the other hand, the tenants would have a transparent transaction cycle with all their issues placed systematically. With this Service Oriented Architecture of BOXx, you can securely access and regulate your property of any size.

Another impassable feature of this highly scalable software is its automatic invoicing and tax calculation. Not only limited to this, the participant parties can include and extract data at any time from BOXx securely. Yes, third-party software interfaces can also be readily implemented for two-way business data transmissions.  Smooth workflow, complete reports, invoices, better communication and smoother transaction are the granular components of BOXx.

Using BOXx uplifts the property management to the next level and it simplifies the whole process, making it feasible for the property managers to deliver more value to the owners and tenants. Possessing a wide array of significant features, BOXx is a comprehensive platform that helps in setting new standards in property management while maintaining an effective communication with all the parties involved in the process.

The most advanced features of BOXx will help you in resource optimization. A common feature rich portal will work as the middleman between the owners and the tenants. Both the parties can put their demands, get updates and take decision from that informative portal.

Being a cloud-based application, BOXx is online and is 24/7 accessible that makes it possible for the property managers, owners and tenants to access information on demand via the web and mobile applications.

Inboxx is an owner and tenant portal where both the parties connect mutually across territories. It makes invoice payments convenient and super easy. ‘Inboxx – Connecting Communities’ is designed to propagate a close-knit tenant-owner community with seamless communication.

BOXx plays an integral role in helping the property managers to streamline their process of managing various properties. Weeding out the inefficient and traditional practices, it develops a healthy and effective way that addresses current industry needs while helping the property managers to take the load off their shoulders.